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Fredrick Omondi Otieno, Nairobi, Kenya otienofredrick91@gmail.com

APPRECIATION Dear Sir (Dr. Ludwig Otto),     I am so delight to take this ample opportunity to preface or to preamble my conversation, greetings, and to express my gratitude unto you with a lot of courtesy.     I am absolutely excited and thanking you for such kind of a merciful heart that you are given by God, which is full of clemency and leniency to educate me to the University (Degree) level just gratis without any payment.     May God bless you earnestly and abound His beatitudes and blessings upon you. May He be your anchor, your rampart, and your buckler. May God the Almighty and the Omnipotent restore and reimburse you all that have gone astray. That is all I can say that I cannot equivocate.

   Otherwise still I have an ambition and prospective to continue with Masters, so I would like to beseech you to show me the way, or procedure that I should use to proceed with Masters.     Thank you so much and may you be secured under God`s theocracy and in His infinite mercy.           Greet for me all believers of our Lord Jesus Christ.                             Yours faithfully,

                     Fredrick Omondi Otieno.