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Dear Sir, Happy new year and Complement of the season to you in Jesus name. My commitment to running Christian Evangelist schools remain solid. We are training churches workers in our four months certificate courses in missions and Evangelism in Monrovia. Another 9 month Diploma courses inTheology and Ministry plus 4 weeks practical mission fields visitation will begin from February 2019.By grace of God the registers students will all graduate in December 2019. Below are my humble reqeusts: ( 1) l wish to request for permission to continue my doctor of ministry program which l suspended due to Mission work in Liberia which took most of my time last year.I also request that you give me a new number. (2)Sir l will like you to send My PhD Diploma from USCU to me again.You send it to me last year after you congratulated me for the completion of all the assigned projects but my email inbox was tampered with in December 2018 by an unknown person and lots vital documents were deleted permanently .(3)find attached some of the material l submitted before and some bible studies l prepared and conducted recently. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for being there for us always. May the Lord be with our founder and President Emeritus, the new President,all the faculty staff and all the old and current students of both BCU/ USCU .Thanks. From Rev. Dr James Kayode Laba -Missionary in Liberia