Matilda Abredu, Ghana,  ... MY TESTIMONY, BELIEVE AND BE SAVED.

I was born into a Christian family, both parents are Christians and attends church on regular basis. I love to do the things of God, love attending church and also making sure that I find myself in church where I can always be active in the work of God.  In my father’s hometown, they have these small gods that they believe in than the Lord Jesus Christ. Though they are all Christians who goes to church on Sundays just like all Christians do, but their believe in those small gods are great that nothing can change them. We occasionally travel to my father’s village on every Easter occasion for celebration but a lot of things goes on there during the celebration. As a child I had no idea what that was and I saw nothing wrong with it at the time, to me it was only a joyous moments full of celebrations and all kinds of activities here and there.

During these celebrations all kinds of things goes on where they have these small gods, either in the shrine or individual homes. In some instances, every parents have to bring their children along with them when they are performing some of these rituals.

 I remembered one day my father called us to this place with other parents and their children also there. The leader of the place will do some incantations and so many other things whiles we the children there will kneel down and be watching all that was going on. This person will mix in a calabash of water somethings and asked that everybody present drinks from the calabash. I mean everybody. The mixture in the calabash will be passed onto everybody to drink and ignorantly as a child I drunk same too. After that they will kill a fowl or goat or sheep and pour the blood on some wood carvings in the form of human beings there and on the leg of some elderly people, then libations will be poured and some incantations said after that we will come out from there and go home. These kind of activities went on for years because it was an annual celebration. One day I asked my father what is the meaning of all that goes on in the village anytime we go for Easter celebration, but he did not give me any tangible answer to convince me.